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  • Reviewed by:   on: //9/25
    I rarely eat Chinese fast food but I gave it a try today.I ordered a lunch special (scallop) and it was great. I only had to wait there for 5 minutes too.I ordered it again for dinner (black bean/fish, sauteed vegetables, and sesame ball dessert). Everything is great. The delivery was real fast (I thought I would have to wait for 45 minutes since that was what the person said on the phone but it came in about 15 minutes).Give it a try.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //9/12
    Considering that I do live next door to this place, I'm glad to say the food is real good. A bit pricey but the shrimp or fish in black bean sauce is great. I do recommend the lunch menu too.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //8/15
    Slow Delivery, Cold Food, No Silverware or Chopsticks, and Staff with a Bad Attitude. The driver called the restaurant to let them know of the errors. Susan from the restaurant asked to speak with me and proceeded to explain all the reasons why they were not responsible for any of the problems including not providing plastic silverware, chopsticks and napkins. I don't know about you, but for a $30 take out meal I expect more.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //7/21
    I don't eat Chinese take-out food very often, but this is probably the best Chinese take-out place I've had. Keep in mind that it's greasy like most other Chinese take-out places, but everything I've had here is good.My favorite is the hot braised shrimp. It's big shrimps drenched in this orange sweet/sour/spicy sauce. It's amazing!Other things we usually get are the chow fun, orange chicken, Mongolian beef. Everything is good.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //7/15
    They mess up on my order, so I call to let them know. The lady who answer the phone, got so mad at me for calling her. She called me a liar, and accuse me of taking extra sweet an sour sauce and she was going to charge me extra. She was so adamant and disrespectfull that it was my fault not hers. When I ask to speak to her manager, she said, she was the manager. So i ask to speak to the owner, she said, ''the owner is my brother!", in a very rude way!. I will never..ever..ever, eat there again, nor do i recommend anyone to this restaurant. Your better off eating a Hotdog at the 7 eleven next door. TAKE MY WORD!!!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //7/10
    I am from the north east, so I am very picky with my Chinese. I heard good thing from a friend Si tried it out.The service was good, although they almost tried not to accept a coupon, but she asked the manager and he days yes.My wife loved the pork fried shrimp, and she its very picky.The Lo mein, which they called chow mein, was awesome. I haven't found a good Lo mein west of the Mississippi, until today.I am giving it 3 stars because the genersl tso's chicken was disgusting. It was either burned or it was warned back up and the sauce got cooked too long. It tasted more like bbq then general tso's. It was also way too much. I paid 11 or 12 for a meal that usually isn't more then 6. The egg roll also looked like something crawled out if the side if it before they cooked it. It had a hole in the side with the stuff sticking out which was black. It also tasted more l like a spring roll then a egg roll.The shrimp and walnut looked really good, but 15?? Even the picture looked skimpy.Overall, I'll be back, but ill learn what to get and what not to get. Some of the meals are way to much.I have a weak stomach for bad food and I watch my credit cards closely, so ill let everyone know I'd I have any of the issues others have had...
  • Reviewed by:   on: //6/29
    This has been my local Chinese spot for the last 5 years. I am not sure if they are under new management or what has changed but my last order will be my last.I ordered my usual. they have all my info on file so its pretty simple. I order the only 3 things I really like from them, which took some swings and misses to find some good stuff on the menu but I do enjoy their greasy chow mein.Anyways, on their website main page is says "FREE DELIVERY" and for the last 5 years its been true. Though, on this last order they added a delivery charge. Well when the delivery guy comes almost an hour later (longest I've had to wait), a young asian kid, I ask if he has change for a 20 (my order including the new delivery charge was 14) and he hands me $6 back in 1 dollar bills, passing by several $5s, being a former delivery driver I know this is to encourage a bigger range of tip. I was planning on giving him 3, but the minute he handed me the money and I was about to hand him 3 back he says "really bro? you're not going to tip me?"I responded by saying "excuse me?" because I was taken aback by this.He replies "I drove all the way out here (well within their delivery zone, i checked) and you aren't even going to give me anything for it?"I replied, "thats your job, and state minimum wage is $8 an hour which isn't bad at all"He says that "well we are chinese so I only get paid and tips, unlike YOU americans"So either he's full of it (especially since he was driving a brand new car) and its illegal to not pay an hourly wage. Or Asia Kitchen is has not filed the proper paper work for him,So, I told him to get off my property and immediately called the place, at which time the lady who answered said she would look into it (not holding my breath)He lost his $3 tip and Asia Kitchen lost a lifetime customer who ordered there at least 2 times a month.Also, in looking at some of these reviews I see I am not alone in the "poor service" departmentThe cherry on top is they now apparently have a B as their food safety rating.Being a former Food Safety Inspector (CER specialist) I know how hard it is for a place to get a B, and am disgusted to think of what is going on in their kitchen. So hey maybe this harrassing delivery boy was a blessing in disguise!DONT HELP THIS PLACE STAY IN BUSINESS, HELP BUSINESSES WITH DECENT FOOD SAFETY AND GOOD PEOPLE THAT DESERVE THE MONEY.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //5/28
    This is the most I've ever been insulted in attempting to order food. I was trying to call in an order for pick up. I call and the phone rings, then nothing. I try this a couple more times, as I would like to avoid sitting around waiting for my food to cook, and get the same result. Then I get a text message saying "You think this is funny" and before I can respond I get another saying "F*** You". I couldn't believe it. I have never been so insulted. I then traded a series of insulting texts with the person from the store. I can't believe I had to be derided because their phone wasn't working. Seems like a place with 3 stars, a "B" health rating and 1 good item on the menu would learn some customer service. I wouldn't order from here again if their food cured cancer.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //4/9/
    I was in Torrance, and wanted some Chinese food. Started driving down Artesia, & saw this little place. I ordered the combo Chow Fun. It was sooo full of grease, that I had to take a paper towel to blot the grease out! The shrimp & chicken egg rolls were good, as the broccoli. What a waste of $9.99! I feel like blowing "chunks" for real!! Never again.,
  • Reviewed by: ggrimes4  on: //2019
    You have a number of spelling errors on your menu. Vegetables (not vegetables), Golden chicken (040), General Tsao or Tso (006)
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